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Steph and Elaine in a nutshell:

They treasure beauty, grace, art and serenity which life has in such abundance and all things beautiful and riveted with stories. This could mean Africa and its creatures one day, a smitten couple the next, the dirty streets of Delhi, a girl dreaming about her wedding day or even the isolated forests of Romania…all things whimsical and fun, made of dust and dreams.

Steph and Elaine often travel around the world and Africa to capture those elusive moments. Between them their travels  include; Turkey, India, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Zanzibar, Botswana, Mozambique, Ireland, England, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Wales, Scotland, Mauritius, Holland, France, Greece, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, The Cannel Islands, Czech Republic, Zambia, Australia and Hong Kong and they have many more on their “Bucket list”.

They currently live in South Africa and obviously adore travelling where they get to paint the stories with their cameras.

They are dreamers, conservationists, realists, idealists and above all mirrors of life.


I am a coffee aficionado, that perfect shot seeker, tri-athlete, cyclist, Elaine's 'handler' and a conservationist. I specialise in wildlife photography and still photograph many of the big African cats with slide film. I am a father to two spaniels and a caracal and husband to a concrete blond. I love condensmelk flavour frozen yoghurt, could not live without my fishing rods and would never pass by a good, spicy Indian curry!

I am a hoarder of old fine art photographs, I like people's quirks and scars and I love seeing that little smoulder turn into a flicker and then a flame in every photo shoot!  I love strange little details, am against Photoshop perfection and believe there is no such thing as an ugly duckling…only a shy swan…
I am a closet fashionista, a concrete blonde, art fanatic & bunny hugger.I am the matriarch to a furry family and wife to an adventurer. I am enchanted by the magic of Turkey and I adore condensmelk frozen yoghurt...just like Steph!

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