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Banana in your hair days

Saturday, 25 July 2015

I know that “banana in your hair” days, crayon paintings on your wall and driving around to monkeynastics may not feel glamorous sometimes (and may not make you feel very glamorous at all…) and the last thing on your mind is probably being photographed but…what would you give for a portrait of your own mother or grandmother who might not be there anymore or who might be far away? What would you give for something tangible to hold close when the ones you love cannot be near? How much do you think your children would not want a portrait of you for someday?
I still have my mother (how lucky am I) and recently I photographed her and I know those prints will be treasured possession for both my sister and I and one day we will be so grateful that she let me photograph her…I have also photographed my sister so that one day her little boy has a portrait to treasure...

Exist in photographs for your children as one day it will be their most valuable possession.