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The bulwarks of Kotor

Monday, 29 February 2016

A few years ago I pulled out a tear sheet from a travel magazine, it had a picture of the most enchanting little town fringing the water and surrounded by sheer mountains.The majesty of the image captivated me completely.
I don't even remember if there was an article accompanying it...
The tear sheet went straight on our fridge where we could see it every day.I wasn't even sure where it was and the side note (in tiny little print) merely read "The bulwarks of Kotor"...

Now, a few year later we stood on those very same bulwarks, saw the very same water teasing the little houses dotting its shores. We saw an ocean without waves, a city without respite from the hundreds of cruise ships harassing its tiny little harbour. We saw fresh clams being carried through a restaurants' hidden back door. Neighbours borrowing ice on a steamy hot day. Fragrant fish soups. Decadent strawberries.Stray garden roses clutching the ancient city walls.Gentleman with the wisdom of the ages gently repairing their fishing nets.

We felt the warm embrace of a simpler life where the clock just ticked a tiny bit slower.The days just felt a tiny bit longer, the air just a bit more seductive.We felt wanted, welcomed...restored.

PS: The darling creature that seems to feature quite a bit we named Mr Buttercup, a street-cat { we think??} that took a liking to us!

* All photographs copyright Dust and Dreams Photography

Elope with me to Africa...

Thursday, 18 February 2016

In the gentle soft breeze a dream is born… Elope with me to Africa!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A seemingly perfect home rejected....