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Thursday, 30 January 2014


If I could live my life in a fairyland, I’d live as a mermaid. And it’s not because I have this burning desire to exchange my legs for fins or to wear cool coral bikinis all day. It’s because of the romanticism of it, the pure unadulterated “fantasy”.It is a bit of a random thought but I have been busy creating a wardrobe for our {ethereal emotion} package and that’s exactly what I want it to be… pure “fantasy”.
I have spent the last few weeks falling in love and into great depths of despair looking for the most beautiful things out there. (The despair mainly from coming across some surreal designer piece which inevitably has a price tag the size of Everest.) THE CLOSET will be a mix of vintage and “wonder” and any pieces that will just blow your mind, so the specs for this search is vague… and oh so specific!
I have always been enchanted by fairy tales especially the Brothers Grimm who always included some good and evil, black and white and a golden apple or two! And I find great inspiration in their tales especially when shopping… look for example at the Twelve Dancing Princesses who needed new shoes every morning after a night dancing underground!
Whenever I look at any piece of clothing or shoes or a stunning accessory I try and spin a few tales around it… will it be good on a blond girl during a sunset shoot, a raven beauty in a forest location or maybe just out shopping (for THE CLOSET of course J )or posing a couple at a derelict building site? If it ticks the boxes against a few story lines it is added to the “must have” box and if the price is right and they deliver even better.Now I also love to think green and love looking for some vintage beauties especially when travelling, and then it’s such a pleasure to come across some unique handmade items here in South Africa too.
So now thinking about it out loud “mermaid” might not be the best option… yes, it ticks the pure fantasy box but that will mean no more pretty frocks or lacy little numbers…I might have to place this under revision and get back to you once I have decided which fairytale is mine! For now I will have the luxury of conjuring up a unique fairy tale for each and every photo shoot.

PS:After writing this post I actually felt so inspired that I quickly raided my own closet for anything “fairytale” like ( I was quite surprised as to how much I found…) but this is what I came up with quickly … the lady and the lamp… and due to the lack of “models” around I had no choice but to do this myself.

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