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Lazy mornings and black lace

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Now I have been waiting a really long time to post these!
The gorgeous Jenny had them bound in an album as a Christmas surprise for her husband so none of the photos could be leaked beforehand.
But I laid in waiting and was ever ready to pounce as soon as she would give me the green light to post these spectacular images of her.

Jenny is one of those women who just don’t see the beauty that actually radiates from her. She is warm, funny and so open that she is just a breath of fresh air – no hidden agendas and no ulterior motives. And then I am not even mentioning that she is a mother too (yes, with that awesome body!!)  Jenny is a Brit who lives in Aus and married a South African, a real multi-national power house.

Now you are probably thinking that waiting from December to now is not that long to post these but no, they were already taken in September. The morning before Jenny got married right there on the beach we got to play around in her hotel room and this was the result.  Beautiful, soft, feminine...a lazy Sunday morning and some black lace.
Think Jenny though I was a bit crazy balancing on a chair (I am kind of elf like in length) trying the get the best light, the best spot, the best everything.
We only had about 45 minutes and in between she still tried to sneak a peak of her groom walking in the gardens below the balcony of the room we were in ;)

She was an absolute joy to photograph and I am so proud to post these images and I think Mauritius will never be the same… Oh and you must see that stunning rock on her finger!


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