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Really?? Right to your front door?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

We recently had some friends from Norway over and my jaw literally hit the ground when just before they left we asked for their postal address and got a very cryptic note… a name, another name, the island’s name and then Norway… and that was it – nothing else?? No post box, no street address or number…. First I thought they clearly did not want our care package but no, I was told “everyone on the island knows us” so the postman will bring the parcel to the door! Really, you’ve got to be kidding me? To the door? With no street address?

Now to give you a bit of an idea why I am so so confused… we live inside a private reserve in South Africa and to get inside (to get home) we need to show an ID card while a guard checks out the car and some cameras record us (even on a bad hair day unfortunately!) and to get a parcel delivered is an absolute nightmare to say the least. Courier and freight companies won’t “post” to a post box ( that’s what we have) and can only deliver to a street address… something we don’t have! So what’s a girl to do, you give the address in “street address form” with GPS co-ordinates and just hope for the best and if you get lucky after a few WEEKS and a few calls from the driver (who inevitably gets lost)  the package arrives… yeh!!

Now to get back to those friends….Susan and Nils is a match made in heaven and we have known her for many many years and as long as we have known her she has been in love with Nils and it was just continents that kept them apart so we were thrilled to be at their wedding a few years ago and even more thrilled to have them back in the bush with us for a few days. To connect and especially to reconnect with people are so important and with them it was like they never left and like Norway is only a few minutes away.

And you know what, not once did I pick up the camera… I was way too enchanted about the stories they told about the magical place they live in…. but hopefully one day we will photograph them at their home… Smøla.

Unfortunately our “ photographer” got it slightly out of focus but this is the only shot we have of all of us together… and yes, I had to stand on my toes so our faces could be somewhat together!


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