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The Lady and the Lion

Thursday, 23 January 2014

To write a good blog I would say one should have some writing skills, a burning passion for something… anything… and the desire to share that passion.
I think having a few different passions doesn’t hurt either and then knowing what to write becomes the most difficult thing. Maybe writing skills is not a prerequisite after all but passion definitely is, and lots of it if you have.
In my case it is that drive to freeze time, capture eternity and not only that but to create that picture I see in my mind. To spit and polish that image I see every time I close my eyes and to then find a way to create it in front of the lens  so I can capture that instant in time.
Maybe that’s why I love styling a shoot so much. I can see the image come to life as we go along and when I suddenly see it right there as if it has always been, then I am totally smitten! And all the hours spent brooding over the ideas, the clothing, the nail polish colour and the “look”  becomes  real and all I then need to do is to sit back, let the story unfold and freeze every frame.

I love seeing that shy woman turn into the beautiful vixen she has always been. When she sheds her “shell” and she can feel the blood pumping through her veins. Or you have this timid girl arrive in her jeans and a tee and as soon as you pull out a sequin vest her eyes just light up and you know that you might have to tear it from her little claws at the end of the day. I want to empower people with the photos I take. “ Strip them bare” to make them realise how special they are.

Now this is why I PHOTOGRAPH… to capture the beauty in someone without photoshop, just the real natural essence. To see that look in a woman’s eyes when she leaves at the end of the day, the same look a lioness has… a look of pure unadulterated power!

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