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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Some belated Christmas cheer. Though we should share the magic of some good old traditional Christmas décor.
PS: sometimes we manage to capture ourselves without even knowing it…but if you look closely the baubles reveals the truth!

{hope} Van Den berg Family... part 1

Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Van Den Berg family was a lively bunch and we had so much fun photographing them on a game farm near Rustenburg!

This is part one of their {hope} photo session. Thank you so much to Riaan, Gizela and the little Marius and Steyn for a fantastic day.


{love} Riaan & Gizela…To fall in love all over again…

Thursday, 12 December 2013

{ hope} Family Fun...

Sometimes you photograph two families at once… lots of kids, lots of godparents, lots of fun…. this pic was the result of all that chaos!

{ hope } Corlia Maternity Photographs

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

We were thrilled to get the opportunity to photograph this mommy to be!
In 2 weeks Corlia will give birth to their second son and being one of those woman who can just pull of pregnancy she absolutely glowed!
The soon to be “ouboet” Rossouw also joined in and tried to “listen” if his new little brother is sending any messages yet.

A big thank you to Corlia for letting us share.


{love} Mr & Mrs Higgo

With all the hustle and bustle we never really got around to posting the pictures of Jandrè and Anè’s wedding in October. But it was truly special and this couple is truly made to last.

On Christmas eve 2012 the very brave Jandrè  approached my father to ask for my older sister’s hand in marriage, a very brave man indeed!This is how their love story started and it was such a pleasure to photograph these two and not only because they are family.
Anè & Jandrè is a down to earth South African couple lucky enough to live inside a private game reserve and spend their time in nature surrounded by the Bushveld and the animals they adore so much.

The one thing that made this wedding so special was that Ané and Jandré truly made it a family celebration and paid homage to all their family through the generations and celebrated all the love that has been passed down in these two families.
They included everyone from our 90 year old grandmother who made all the old family treats from coconut ice, to fudge and rice crispy treats for the amazing sweets table to the groom going out to cut the rustic wooden plates used for the cheese tower. The handmade garter with its guinea fowl feather, the custom pre-wedding gowns the bride & our mother had. The flowers and décor were all done by my husband (who also made the lovely hanger for her dress) and I ( while we tried to snap away in between).The bridal party had little rock rose bracelets (instead of corsages) and Ané's bouquet had her favourite flowers in... preoteas, a little bling, and those little African jewels - Rock roses.

The bride came in  on a very proud father's arm and our godparents sang a moving prayer during the ceremony which was of course presided over by the groom's family minister. The ring... a wonderful custom design with two butterflies circling a diamond.

Confetti from rose petals, feathers & russet bush willow pods and little wands (made by the mother of the bride) added to the outdoor celebration and at the reception the décor include kissing balls, baby's breath with a little bit of sparkle, little rock rose succulents and arms full of white queen proteas (the groom, Jandré's mother brought so many from the Cape that they were kept in the lodges Victorian bath the night before!) Ané wanted lots and lots of candle light and a sting of photos of the two of them the year before the wedding was hung for all the guests to see.

We were all treated to a true "spit braai" with succulent lamb ( one from their own farm... now that is waht we call organic!)and no one could wait to try all the treats on the sweets table and to taste the "Cheese Tower" cake.
This beautiful wedding was truly a celebration of what family is all about.

PS: the sweets table was a true treat and therefore derserves a whole post on its own so keep an eye out!

 Sometimes the wind is full of tricks!!

And now for some little details of this amazing day...