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Jandre & Ane's Bushveld Engagement shoot

Saturday, 27 April 2013

A few pictures from the engagement shoot we did for a lovely couple in South Africa. We kept it natural with a Bushveld inspired feel ( using all their doggies as props too!). We had to literally run from the rain clouds for the whole shoot which meant pretty challenging light and we all ended up getting soaked in the end!

Walking for Lions

Friday, 26 April 2013

Dust and Dreams Photography will be joining the non-profit organization Walking for Lions on their latest campaing:

The 'Walk' has been set for this coming May and will start off in Windhoek,Namibia and will cross borders until it reaches Ghanzi in Botswana - just over 530km by foot. Every step will be for Lion Conservation.
Their aim: to conserve these creature via educating the human population that co-exists with them and who are therefore by default either their protectors or their greatest threat.
It is something that is close to our hearts and that we are very passionate about. The Lion bone trade for one is increasing rapidly and we dread the day that we will no longer hear their mighty roar at night.


A Lovely Christ B Haute Couture wedding gown

Who are we...

Monday, 8 April 2013

We are a husband & wife duo, who treasure beauty, grace, art and serenity which nature has in such abundance.  We love all things beautiful and riveted with stories. This could mean Africa and its creatures one day, a dainty flower the next, the dirty streets of Delhi or even the isolated forests of Romania. These are our charmed treasures, all things whimsical and fun, made of dust and dreams…

Elaine is a closet fashionista, art fanatic and bunny hugger!

Steph is a coffee devotee, that perfect shot seeker, fisherman, Elaine’s ‘handler’ and he still finds time to cycle or play ball with the spaniels.

We are old fashioned and even though we use digital cameras we also still use both slides and film which adds a lovely nostalgic touch.

We live in a private game reserve in Africa and are very willing to travel…
We are dreamers, conservationists, realists, idealists and above all we are mirrors of life.