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Thursday, 30 January 2014


If I could live my life in a fairyland, I’d live as a mermaid. And it’s not because I have this burning desire to exchange my legs for fins or to wear cool coral bikinis all day. It’s because of the romanticism of it, the pure unadulterated “fantasy”.It is a bit of a random thought but I have been busy creating a wardrobe for our {ethereal emotion} package and that’s exactly what I want it to be… pure “fantasy”.
I have spent the last few weeks falling in love and into great depths of despair looking for the most beautiful things out there. (The despair mainly from coming across some surreal designer piece which inevitably has a price tag the size of Everest.) THE CLOSET will be a mix of vintage and “wonder” and any pieces that will just blow your mind, so the specs for this search is vague… and oh so specific!
I have always been enchanted by fairy tales especially the Brothers Grimm who always included some good and evil, black and white and a golden apple or two! And I find great inspiration in their tales especially when shopping… look for example at the Twelve Dancing Princesses who needed new shoes every morning after a night dancing underground!
Whenever I look at any piece of clothing or shoes or a stunning accessory I try and spin a few tales around it… will it be good on a blond girl during a sunset shoot, a raven beauty in a forest location or maybe just out shopping (for THE CLOSET of course J )or posing a couple at a derelict building site? If it ticks the boxes against a few story lines it is added to the “must have” box and if the price is right and they deliver even better.Now I also love to think green and love looking for some vintage beauties especially when travelling, and then it’s such a pleasure to come across some unique handmade items here in South Africa too.
So now thinking about it out loud “mermaid” might not be the best option… yes, it ticks the pure fantasy box but that will mean no more pretty frocks or lacy little numbers…I might have to place this under revision and get back to you once I have decided which fairytale is mine! For now I will have the luxury of conjuring up a unique fairy tale for each and every photo shoot.

PS:After writing this post I actually felt so inspired that I quickly raided my own closet for anything “fairytale” like ( I was quite surprised as to how much I found…) but this is what I came up with quickly … the lady and the lamp… and due to the lack of “models” around I had no choice but to do this myself.

Styling, hair & makeup: dust & dreams PHOTOGRAPHY
Location:'s a secret...

{hope} Schutte family... part 1

Saturday, 25 January 2014

We had the opportunity to spend the day with this awesome family in December and it was so great to photograph them. Genè is an absolute cutie pie ( who will clearly be a bombshell when she grows up… just have a look how she rocks those sunglasses already!) and Mornè & Gerda is such a stunning couple and not to mention the beautiful Bushveld Game Farm where we got to take these awesome pictures…living in South Africa is such a blessing and being so close to nature is even more so.



 Isn't this just the cutest little crying "Ducky" face??


The Lady and the Lion

Thursday, 23 January 2014

To write a good blog I would say one should have some writing skills, a burning passion for something… anything… and the desire to share that passion.
I think having a few different passions doesn’t hurt either and then knowing what to write becomes the most difficult thing. Maybe writing skills is not a prerequisite after all but passion definitely is, and lots of it if you have.
In my case it is that drive to freeze time, capture eternity and not only that but to create that picture I see in my mind. To spit and polish that image I see every time I close my eyes and to then find a way to create it in front of the lens  so I can capture that instant in time.
Maybe that’s why I love styling a shoot so much. I can see the image come to life as we go along and when I suddenly see it right there as if it has always been, then I am totally smitten! And all the hours spent brooding over the ideas, the clothing, the nail polish colour and the “look”  becomes  real and all I then need to do is to sit back, let the story unfold and freeze every frame.

I love seeing that shy woman turn into the beautiful vixen she has always been. When she sheds her “shell” and she can feel the blood pumping through her veins. Or you have this timid girl arrive in her jeans and a tee and as soon as you pull out a sequin vest her eyes just light up and you know that you might have to tear it from her little claws at the end of the day. I want to empower people with the photos I take. “ Strip them bare” to make them realise how special they are.

Now this is why I PHOTOGRAPH… to capture the beauty in someone without photoshop, just the real natural essence. To see that look in a woman’s eyes when she leaves at the end of the day, the same look a lioness has… a look of pure unadulterated power!

Lazy mornings and black lace

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Now I have been waiting a really long time to post these!
The gorgeous Jenny had them bound in an album as a Christmas surprise for her husband so none of the photos could be leaked beforehand.
But I laid in waiting and was ever ready to pounce as soon as she would give me the green light to post these spectacular images of her.

Jenny is one of those women who just don’t see the beauty that actually radiates from her. She is warm, funny and so open that she is just a breath of fresh air – no hidden agendas and no ulterior motives. And then I am not even mentioning that she is a mother too (yes, with that awesome body!!)  Jenny is a Brit who lives in Aus and married a South African, a real multi-national power house.

Now you are probably thinking that waiting from December to now is not that long to post these but no, they were already taken in September. The morning before Jenny got married right there on the beach we got to play around in her hotel room and this was the result.  Beautiful, soft, feminine...a lazy Sunday morning and some black lace.
Think Jenny though I was a bit crazy balancing on a chair (I am kind of elf like in length) trying the get the best light, the best spot, the best everything.
We only had about 45 minutes and in between she still tried to sneak a peak of her groom walking in the gardens below the balcony of the room we were in ;)

She was an absolute joy to photograph and I am so proud to post these images and I think Mauritius will never be the same… Oh and you must see that stunning rock on her finger!


Really?? Right to your front door?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

We recently had some friends from Norway over and my jaw literally hit the ground when just before they left we asked for their postal address and got a very cryptic note… a name, another name, the island’s name and then Norway… and that was it – nothing else?? No post box, no street address or number…. First I thought they clearly did not want our care package but no, I was told “everyone on the island knows us” so the postman will bring the parcel to the door! Really, you’ve got to be kidding me? To the door? With no street address?

Now to give you a bit of an idea why I am so so confused… we live inside a private reserve in South Africa and to get inside (to get home) we need to show an ID card while a guard checks out the car and some cameras record us (even on a bad hair day unfortunately!) and to get a parcel delivered is an absolute nightmare to say the least. Courier and freight companies won’t “post” to a post box ( that’s what we have) and can only deliver to a street address… something we don’t have! So what’s a girl to do, you give the address in “street address form” with GPS co-ordinates and just hope for the best and if you get lucky after a few WEEKS and a few calls from the driver (who inevitably gets lost)  the package arrives… yeh!!

Now to get back to those friends….Susan and Nils is a match made in heaven and we have known her for many many years and as long as we have known her she has been in love with Nils and it was just continents that kept them apart so we were thrilled to be at their wedding a few years ago and even more thrilled to have them back in the bush with us for a few days. To connect and especially to reconnect with people are so important and with them it was like they never left and like Norway is only a few minutes away.

And you know what, not once did I pick up the camera… I was way too enchanted about the stories they told about the magical place they live in…. but hopefully one day we will photograph them at their home… Smøla.

Unfortunately our “ photographer” got it slightly out of focus but this is the only shot we have of all of us together… and yes, I had to stand on my toes so our faces could be somewhat together!


Washing day...

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

These are the kind of photo shoots that makes Newborn photography so exciting... every time it something differnt and wouldnt this just be any mothers' dream on washing day!


Saturday, 11 January 2014

For 2014 we are planning a couple of styled shoots with the first in April (more about the awesome couple who is joining us for this one soon….)

We are looking for a whole day of emotion (and lots of fun) where we can capture pure puppy love, raw dreams or even heartbroken moments of longing and for this we are not looking for models but for a real couple genuinely in love who are keen to have some fun and go home with some wonderful memories and pictures to boot. We are looking for one {or a few J } of you!

We will conceptualize the shoots (as they will be built around you), scout locations, style wardrobe and props (we will bring lots of goodies and so will you… your favourite pair of KILLER heels, your doggies… if the location allows, a first love letter, that bottle of bubbles left over from your wedding….) and we will give you a hand with hair and make up to create something soft and romantic or maybe wild and edgy. We are looking for muses who will help us tell a story. We are not looking for run of the mill pictures but for something that will make someone pick your photo up time and again.

So we are looking for the brave, the daring and a couple who can be our inspiration!

The dates and locations will depend on the couples we chose and will be announced closer to the time.

If you are interested in joining us for any of the styled shoots for 2014 drop us an email, a FB comment or comment on our blog post. We will choose a few lucky couples who will spend an amazing day with us!  Any ladies who are interested in joining the styled shoot by yourselves please give us a shout too as Elaine has something very special in mind for you!


Yeh, we are in the Newspaper!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Lovely surprise for us in “ Die Pos” today in Nylstroom where the lovely Jandrè & Anè were featured… and look, they were even nice enough to mention us!! THANK YOU and thank you so much for messaging us this image of the newspaper. I still think it is one of the most exciting things to see one of the pictures you took in print or on someones wall! Think this just made our day!
These two were stunning - natural,funny & so in love!

A table set with love...

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Doing this table and the photos was so exciting and loads of love went into every little detail as this was for really special!
This is what I would probably call an 'Organic' festive table...raw, earthy and with lots of character.
I collected all the little treasures from our home that I really love; some old garden-snail shells, candles(still from our wedding day),a blue wooden rabbit, my paint brushes, two antique glasses we brought back from a sleepy little town in Transylvania, a favourite panama hat, sheepskin and some beautifully rustic dried proteas (they were gorgeous fresh too and a gift from my sister)! It was a table full of memories and set to make some more!
Now for such a festive table one needs a feast and a master chef husband is what I have as Steph cooked up a storm for us...homemade bread, peppercorn gravy, parmesan polenta, a divine salad with artichokes, roasted macadamia nuts and pomegranate dressing and then I am not even mentioning the BEEF wellington!
Hope you love the pictures as much as we enjoyed this wonderful family celebration.
{ the biggest problem with this one was choosing which picks to post!}



Could not resist adding this photo of our spaniel trying to sneak away after a little nap under the table.