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A table set with love...

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Doing this table and the photos was so exciting and loads of love went into every little detail as this was for really special!
This is what I would probably call an 'Organic' festive table...raw, earthy and with lots of character.
I collected all the little treasures from our home that I really love; some old garden-snail shells, candles(still from our wedding day),a blue wooden rabbit, my paint brushes, two antique glasses we brought back from a sleepy little town in Transylvania, a favourite panama hat, sheepskin and some beautifully rustic dried proteas (they were gorgeous fresh too and a gift from my sister)! It was a table full of memories and set to make some more!
Now for such a festive table one needs a feast and a master chef husband is what I have as Steph cooked up a storm for us...homemade bread, peppercorn gravy, parmesan polenta, a divine salad with artichokes, roasted macadamia nuts and pomegranate dressing and then I am not even mentioning the BEEF wellington!
Hope you love the pictures as much as we enjoyed this wonderful family celebration.
{ the biggest problem with this one was choosing which picks to post!}



Could not resist adding this photo of our spaniel trying to sneak away after a little nap under the table.

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