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To edit or not to edit?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

For each photographer, artist and then of course the "consumer" the question remains: to edit or not to edit?
How artificial do you like your art?
We have recently gone through thousands of websites to have a look at the latest photography trends and it seems that manipulating a photo beyond recognition reigns supreme... so where do our art fit in?

We believe that the Beauty should to be created when the shutter closes and not afterwards with the click of a mouse. We do not believe in excessive " plastic surgery".
We feel that you should merely enhance natural beauty ( like adding a bit of blusher to your cheeks) but not obliterate the moment you captured completely.

So where will our photographs fit it? The ones where the background does not vanish as if by magic, where a lions bloody scars still show as bloody scars?

Is there no longer space for images that were captured on film or captured on slides with "a what you see now is what we saw when the image was captured"?

So, we have decided that we will stick to what we love and keep our images natural but you also have to evolve with time and as humans strive for perfection we will aim to publish an "ART" series where photos are edited, manipulated and changed to create a different form of art.

An absolute favourite -  a lion female photograph taken with original slide film.
She has the charisma of years gone by... when Africa was still wild.

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