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Of roses and gardens and a secret rendezvous

Monday, 26 May 2014

There are very few things as exciting as posting some photos that you are just in love with... Soft, ethereal, dreamy... And not to mention that we were in the most amazing greenhouse... 

In the Greenhouse     Eugenio Motale 1896-1981

The lemon bushes overflowed
with the patter of mole paws,
the scythe shined
in its rosary of cautious water drops.

A dot, a ladybug,
ignited above the quince berries
as the snort of a rearing pony broke through,
bored with his rub-down—then the dream took over.

Kidnapped, and weightless, I was drenched
with you, your outline
was my hidden breath, your face
merged with my face, and the dark

idea of God descended
upon the living few, amid heavenly
sounds, amid childish drums,
amid suspended globes of lightning

upon me, upon you, and over the lemons…



Creative directing & Styling: Dust & Dreams Photography
Wardrobe: Lize-mari Hare { and isn’t that dress just divine!!}
Location: The Greenhouse @ Rosemary Hill, South Africa

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