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"My Morning Routine" with Susan Emily Furu

Thursday, 19 February 2015

As we photographed the beautiful Susan Emily Furu recently we grabbed her to tell us about her brand new facial salon opening in Smøla, Norway this July.

Susan's Facial Clinic & Salon is on the beautiful island of Smøla just off the coast of Norway.
Not only does she specialise in facial treatments but the salon uses Ocean Essence facial products (especially imported from Austrailia) and Clarins which she purchases from France.
You can also pop in for reflexology, shiatsu, manicures, pedicures, waxing, Caribbian tan and permanent eyelash extensions ( I am definitely popping by for that as I also want beautiful Bambi eyes!)
Susan is also available for professional make up application for brides or even if you just want to spoil yourself ( and she is in South Africa from time to time if you would like to pre-book her before your date night!)
We  asked her to tell us a bit about her morning routine and life in Norway and I can tell you I am already dreaming for fjords, crystal skies and of course my “Bambi” lashes!

PS: keep an eye out as all the launch information will be on her FB page soon :)

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