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Heinrich & Elizabeth

Friday, 17 June 2016

When you walk into a venue where the bridal suite perfectly matches the brides colour scheme and waves of white English roses spill onto the patio you know that the day will be filled with excitement and that fairy dust that makes weddings so special!

I had the wonderful opportunity to photography Heinrich and Elisabeth's wedding at La Bella Esperance as a second shooter for the lovely Tanya from Tavati Photography.
Lots of beautiful little details made this wedding so different… the intricate sugar work done on the wedding cake by Elizabeth’s mother, the custom hangers for each bridesmaid, the little tables with crayons and treats especially setup for their “little friends”… and we just loved the way the whole family rallied when the flowers did not arrive exactly the way they should have. In the end all these little touches by the hands of the people closes to them made this celebration truly unique

* All the photographs in this post was taken by myself whilst photographing as a second shooter for Tavati Photography

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