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turkey & me

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

or is it “turkey and I” ?? I am not entirely sure. I just know what there are some places that are an “and me”! One of those places that you never wash off, that sticks to your pores. Turkey is one of those, a place that kept little shards of me…I was never too sure if I really did leave those bits of me there (I was there more than a decade ago the first time) but yes, it has been confirmed. It is “turkey & me”, it has always been.
It’s one of those soul places that just keep you spellbound. Turkey was just so familiar… the smells, the sounds and yet so very very different. Maybe because first I saw it through the eyes of a ‘girl’ and now not so much.
So was it worth going back…YES... was it the same…NO…was it truly special…DEFINITELY
PS: even though we were in pure holiday mode I still couldnt help myself and captured a few interesting images which I will post soon...keep your eyes peeled for " The cats of Ephesus" coming soon :) and maybe one or two picks of the beautiful Sultanahmed mosque which I love so much.

PSS: Don't you just love my awesome leopard leggings!!

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