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Maybe "boudoir" is not the right word at all...???

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Boudoir for me is about showing as little or as much as you would like to. It could even mean you all cozied up in a full length coat J it’s about celebrating beauty and art and drawing inspiration from everything that you find beautiful, special and a little seductive.
My style is inspired by fine art and a bit of fashion and I find inspiration in magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and even in beautiful bridal magazines. I love to envision the hair, makeup and that little smile that every woman keeps hidden away! Each photo shoot is a collaboration between myself and the client (read: YOU!)where we include the things she loves (as well as anything she might only have dreamt about) to express her inherent beauty and make her the star. I work to create images that moves her (and me) and hopefully anyone who ever picks up the photos. It must stir emotion, create a fantasy or even a legend.
Our “boudoir” photographs are  usually taken in a beautiful setting, be it a beautiful sunset or against the backdrop of an abandoned warehouse or in a luxurious boutique hotel's garden or a stunning Victorian bathtub...
We capture these beauties in light, surreal, gorgeous photographs instead of the cliche “whips and chains” kind of photos everyone imagine when they hear the big “B” word.  It should be spontaneous and fun and a way to celebrate yourself and your life.
We do not photograph for “little black books” hidden in the bottom drawer of your cupboard but rather photos that you would not want to stop showing off.

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