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Friday, 26 September 2014

I think I only came into my own after I turned 30 ( a few years back J). In my twenties I think I was so concerned about what others though, “am I dressed the right way” or “ will people look at me or judge me” if I wear this or am that. I think maybe a lot of woman out there struggle with that.
I lived abroad for quite some time and there the way of dressing, of even being was different from when I moved back to South Africa. All societies judge by different standards and that can make you feel so lost. It is only now in my thirties that it feels like the weight has been lifted and that I am free to look and feel whatever I believe is right. If I want to cook dinner in high heels I will! Who are you to judge? It has been such a liberating time for me and it really feels like I am soaring. I can love more, feel more, give more and just BE more.  
And that is how I came to the {ethereal emotion} photographs and it is only the lack of a better word that they are described as “portraits or boudoir ( if you are wearing a bit less)” as these photos are a celebration of everything we love about ourselves. And yes I know, you are probably already counting on your fingers all those things that you don’t like about yourself but just try looking at it the other way around…your beautiful lashes or the delicate shape of your ear, or your fantastic ankles, your warm smile… those are all things that deserve celebration!
So that is why I am daring you all to give MORE. Give more to yourself, your loves and share MORE of everything that is so special and uniquely you. And maybe if the weight lifts from you, you will come and spend a day with me filled with emotion and beauty.You really DO deserve it!
And yes, I am really trying to practice what I am preaching here…

I am planning to pour MORE of myself into every portrait I make, to give MORE vulnerability,MORE soul and MORE of myself to every single image.

And sometimes in life you have to be bold and ACT and I had no choice but to be brave and post a self portrait as part of this Give MORE campaign...this is me...just old me... BEFORE and AFTER... And I will tell you, it took guts as I am never to keen to have my photo out there ( the only ones you might find is me with sunglasses... Looking away... Or just the back of my head!) 
So tonight I am making us 'Breakfast for Dinner' (one of our favourite) just to celebrate, I will snuggle our spaniels a little tighter and a little MORE and I will love my husband a whole lot MORE!

PS: I was NOT “Photoshopped” to look better, only had a few tricks up my sleeve which I promise to share with you soon!


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