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Fine Art in the making...

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The concept and idea behind a Fine Art series we are currently working on is close to my heart and it is wonderful to see it slowly come to fruition!
From the surface it might just look like pretty pictures but it will explore the frailty of  beauty against the different depths of immortality in nature…

Now I am really burning to share some images of this project but will have to restrain myself from sharing too much for now so we can only leak some behind the scenes images J

Due to our location we had no model so I just had to bite the bullet and stand in (a challenge in itself I tell you!)

And then of course we had our little creatures around who was having none of this silliness ( and did not agree with not getting all the attention!) …first there was one furry, then two , then mild chaos….

And yes, the ladder does have a purpose!

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