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Christo & Unine

Monday, 16 May 2016

One of our favourite shoots to date!
Not only were these two lovebirds so vibrant and energetic but they were up for anything and... they brought three photogenic doggies with! For us that'a the stuff dreams are made off

Harlem farm is a real treasure trove and we played around the old little ruin,the dam with a quaint boat and just let the three doggies {and Unine and Christo} run free!
Absolutely love the "Our beginning" board they brought along and all the glitter confetti they made themselves. It's so easy to photograph a couple who aren't not only clearly head over heels in love but adored being there with us!

Ps: the clouds were real! And yes, we did get a gentle sprinkle of raindrops before more clouds rolled in... and then... a beautiful rainbow...

 And some behind the scenes with the D&D team in their element... S and I are always thrilled to spend and afternoon in nature especially when there are some furry creatures around! :)

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