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WARNING: Must love dogs :)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

I recently saw this on a blog that I like to read and it really made me smile to think how different we all are…
This is what she wrote: “…but lucky for you, I don’t have a cat, or a dog, so no animal blog posts coming your way anytime soon”  

But there are some of us who find solace in these little furry friends. Those of us who knows that the statistics are true when they say that stroking your dog reduces your stress levels greatly and that having furry friends in your home makes you less prone to illness and therefore we just couldn’t resist these ad signs in the city centre of Port Louis, Mauritius.

So yes, we are FOR dogs but you don’t have to be { not that I know how you resist those melting chocolate eyes!}
PS: We are also for trees and for whales!

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