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To exist in Photographs!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

I recently placed a photograph of my own mother on Facebook ( now that took convincing J).
And I would like to ask all the mothers, all the grandmothers and even all the mothers-to-be out there to EXIST IN PHOTOGRAPHS. If not for yourself then for your children and your grandchildren (and maybe even for your own parents) because one day it will become their most treasured possession, their truest memory.

As a photographer we have the ability to briefly stop time for you and even if you don’t come to us, find someone and step in front of that camera lens. Not only do YOU deserve it but your family deserves to have that tangible reminder of you every day.

Do not wait until you think you are “ready” , until you have bought that new dress or tried that new miracle diet… your family loves you NOW, they treasure having you with them now!
I cannot possibly explain how amazingly privileged I felt to be able to photography my own mother (soon I will be stalking my grandmother, aunts, in-laws and godmother too… they just don’t know it!)
And I cannot say thank you enough that she overcame any fear or doubts she might have had to exist in photographs for us!

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