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The Closet: Bursting at the seams...

Friday, 3 October 2014

The last ten days have been a wonderful “chaos” of sequins, ribbon and bundles and bundles of tulle! We stitched, we sewed, we laughed { felt like crying sometimes too…}.

And if it wasn’t for our “wardrobe WONDERWOMAN”, Rickie I would never have been able to create these beauties. She is a brilliant seamstress {where I am a bit of a hack} and it was only with her collaboration that a lot of my crazy ideas had any chance of coming to life.

Not only did we have more fun than I could possibly explain but we conjured up five skirts for “The Closet”, some dainty headpieces and belts {as you can see I could not resist wearing one} and a gorgeous midnight blue dress with lots and lots of flowing fabric and ribbon {which was first designed as a top and later turned into this beauty}…

I don’t think we can say thank you enough to Rickie who tempered my somewhat mad ideas and helped me turn them into some beautiful frocks. We are very very excited to use each of them in some of our future shoots.


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